"Punch the keys"

Is there anything more cliché than writing about not being able to write? I know I want to write and have spent all this time setting up this site to display this writing to the world, but I've never been able to get around to the actual writing part. I'm hoping the way this works is that the first post is the toughest to write because my audience is currently 0. Even when my audience reaches a grand total of 1 person (thanks for reading, Grandma!), I'll have someone else who is expecting to see updates to these posts. 

I hope to use this blog to talk about development at Lisnr as well as my adventures with entrepreneurship. I hope that if nothing else I will find these posts useful as an archive of sorts.

However you've found my site, thanks for reading and I hope you will also find some of the posts here useful. If nothing else each title will be a movie quote and I'll give a brief recommendation of that film at the end of each post so for now go watch Finding Forrester:

You're the man now, Dog!

Need I say more?