"Sounds to me like you're daunted. Say it again like you're undaunted."

I believe that it is very common for people to hate hearing their own voice from a recording. After doing a few podcast recordings and having to edit myself I've found this to be exceptionally true for me. And while, I would love to sound like Humphrey Bogart on mic, that isn't the voice this post is about. This is just the only thing I could think of as a cold open.

The voice I am referring to is the one that time hears. The voice I will use to tell history who I was and what I stood for. I've been blogging, podcasting, and writing again all in an attempt to capture that voice.

The voice is elusive. I've spent 23 years trying to track down a unique voice that is mine. Most the time I feel like I'm channeling other people I admire or look up to, especially in whatever medium I'm working with. When I podcast I hear bits of 5by5 hosts slipping into my mannerisms and even my word choice. I can be on skype without pressing the record and feel completely comfortable, but as soon as I hit the record button I fall back onto the voice of all the other hosts swimming around my head. When I write, I can sometimes hear other people reading my words aloud. I can't help but feel like I am just piggybacking onto the success of others.

But really, is that so bad? I am a developer, and as a developer I would like to share a dirty little secret with you. The greatest resource developers have, is code written by other developers. We google for code that will fix our problem, and then we use it. We write wonderful new applications by building and combining the parts of code that other coders before us left behind. Maybe I can build my own voice in the same manner.

I would love to hear from those of you who have found your own way in writing, painting, podcasting, music, etc. Do you find yourself just stealing and combining the voices of other people? Is that how you started? Have your grown out of it?


A friend of mine has stated that he believes this movie has the highest quote to viewing ratio of any film and thats pretty likely, but I've also seen it a lot. It's wondeful.